About Friends of the Cotswolds

Our Mission is to protect and enhance the region’s unique environment, heritage and culture. All that we do is guided by this mission. Any project we either undertake or support will always meet this overarching purpose.

Our Actions

What is it we do?

  • Protect
  • Enhance
  • Educate
  • Create and work in partnerships
  • Give grants
  • Raise awareness
  • Fund raise

Our Cause 

Within the Cotswolds we act for our causes:

  • Environment, both built and natural
  • Heritage
  • Culture
  • Access
  • Social wellbeing

Our Impact

These are the changes for the better that we see from our work. Work that we cannot do without your support. We strive to make a visible and vibrant difference at all times.

The Old Prison
In 2011 the Cotswold District Council decided to sell the historic Grade II* Listed Georgian Old Prison in Northleach. The Council’s need to reduce costs was behind this desire.  And we were keen that the site remain open to the public and be protected as a heritage site. The complex was designed by the leading 18th Century architect, Sir William Blackburn, and is built in Cotswold stone.

After purchasing the Old Prison in 2013, today we work to ensure that it remains open and accessible to the public. And indeed is enhanced and protected. We carried out significant structural repairs and improvements to the site during 2018/2019 and are delighted with the improvements we’ve made. We now turn our attention to significantly improving the museum aspect and interpretation on site. See our projects page to discover more about our ongoing work at the Old Prison.